Myles Thatcher’s COLORFORMS, a film-to-stage adaptation, debuted last night during San Francisco Ballet’s The Colors of Dance. COLORFORMS marks Thatcher’s fourth creation for SF Ballet’s repertory seasons and the first time SF Ballet has embarked on a film-to-stage adaptation in its 90-year history. COLORFORMS premiered as a dance film during SF Ballet’s 2021 Digital Season. Like the film, in the stage version of COLORFORMS Thatcher explores the vibrancy and joy of dance itself and captures the myriad feelings that humans experience when encountering art. Thatcher, who is also an SF Ballet Soloist, first created a mainstage Company work in 2015, with Manifesto. “I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work with these dancers who are not only physically talented, but also intelligent and capable and generous with their spirit, movement, and time,†said Thatcher, who recalled beginning COLORFORMS’ choreography as the Company returned to the studios following quarantine in August 2020. “It’s incredible to work with people who you know and trust, and who know you. This—making COLORFORMS—is the dream.†Gleidson Martins reports