The entire world can attest that COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of their lives, especially in Italy. Since early March of this year, the Italy has placed safety measures and continues to strategize on the best protocols for the country. A majority of companies around the world have felt the effects including television media.

One particular TV producer that has felt the impact in the Italian media market directly is Stefano Ciffo. For over fifteen years, Ciffo has worked on Italian versions of shows like Survivor, X Factor, Master Chef and also for Rai 2 Italia TV Network.

He works as a TV Production Manager, producing a variety of TV shows but because of the current situation, he works from home. Ciffo says, “Since March, the situation in Italy is bad and all productions have closed. This is for the safety of people on production sets.†Unfortunately, this pandemic has unstabilized the market, caused business foreclosures and bankruptcies. Similar, companies not investing on new contracts for ads on TV.

Ciffo continues to mention that, “Many companies don’t invest money for ads on TV and that’s a problem. There is no money for programs.†During this unpredictable climate, every decision made will have a ripple effect.

On the bright side, Ciffo strongly affirms that the future in TV show programming is directed towards Netflix, Amazon and Instagram. He says, “During this pandemic, two months ago, I worked on a TV program for Instagram. This is a new concept and new business for TV.

Instagram and Netflix platforms are revolutionary for the future of TV.†Ciffo is hopeful that by this Fall, TV shows will go back into production and that he will continue to live out his passion for producing spectacular shows.